A composite (tooth-colored) filling is used to repair minor fractures, cavities, or decay. At your appointment with Dr. Dang, he will remove the compromised portion of the tooth, and, after thoroughly cleaning the remaining structure, fill the tooth with the composite filling.

At your initial exam and cleanings with Dr. Dang, your teeth will be examined for any sign of decay. In addition, Dr. Dang will examine any silver (amalgam) fillings you may have in order to determine if they are still structurally sound. Silver fillings have a tendency to pull away from the tooth over time and are often susceptible to cracking. If this occurs, bacteria can get trapped inside
the crack, causing the tooth to decay further.

What can I expect during my appointment?

Tooth-colored fillings can be placed in just one appointment at our Kailua, HI dental practice. If the cavity is small, Dr. Dang may be able to use the air abrasion machine to remove the decay without any drilling. The air abrasion machine acts like a mini-sandblaster to remove the tiny decay particles from your tooth. When using the air abrasion machine, most patients do not need local anesthetic.

If you have a larger cavity, Dr. Dang will use a special dental drill to remove the affected portion of your tooth. Before removing any tooth structure, Dr. Dang will administer a local anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable throughout your procedure.

Once Dr. Dang has removed the decay from the tooth, your tooth will be prepared and conditioned for the composite filling. The filling material is applied to the tooth and, after placement, the filling will be secured using an intense dental light. After the composite filling is in place, Dr. Dang will check the alignment of your teeth and make any necessary adjustment to the filling for optimal comfort.